Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Take On Water Coloring Techniques

I had so much fun playing with you all at Craft Night last night!  Remember to mark your calendars for our next one. March 18th! 

Here is a recap for reference and for those that couldn't make it.

The Swoosh and Flick:  Grab some paint in your brush and start at one end and flick your wrist at the end to leave the brush strokes at the end.

Ombre:  A super easy way to add a background to your project.  Grab some paint and just stroke back and forth going off the edge, getting lighter as you go up the page.

Smoosh and Blend:  Wet your water color paper just a little bit.  Then grab some paint and smoosh onto your project.  After you get the desired paint smooshes.  Take a clean lightly wet brush and blend the colors, lightening the edges.

Smoosh and Blend with Splatters:  Ink up your brush then lightly tap on your finger to create splatters on your project.

You can order all these supplies on my website.  Happy water coloring everyone!

Supplies Used:
Water Colors
Paint Brushes
Water Color Paper
Memento Ink
Charlotte Paper Packet
Fundamentals Assortment in black
Black and Gold Ribbon
Black Cardstock
Sorbet Cardstock
Share the Love Stamp set- Only available in February 2016!

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