Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's The Best Time Of Year

This time of year is all about gift giving. What better thing to give then something you've handmade and personalized for your loved one. The following are a few ideas you can easily make this year.

This is my big project this year. I am making this box complete with handmade cards. I won't say who is getting this gift in case they read this blog, but I'm pretty sure they'll love it. All those cards you've seen me post lately, yep, they are going in this box!

This is the perfect little friend gift. It's a card and lip gloss holder all in one. We made these a few years ago at a workshop. I had two ladies make 40 of them for their young women girls!

Who doesn't need a countdown calendar. When it's personalized it's even better! This is made on a cookie sheet. All decked out with different accessories and stamps. Each day is attached to a craft jar with a magnet, just big enough for a little treat each day.

A personalized calendar, seriously, who doesn't need one. I made this last year for my husband. When we visit daddy as his office, the kids like to look at their pictures. This would make a great gift for anyone! You can even leave it blank for them to add their own photos. Go here to see the complete project.

Decorate a cube with cute papers and photos. Use it as a gift box or simply give it as a decoration for Grandma's shelf or Daddy's desk. Go here to see this complete project.

Decorating the outside is just as important as the inside. Add some stamps, glitter, ribbon, and a fun ornament to the outside of your gift.

This is called a bagelope. Perfect for any occasion. To make you simply seal an envelope, cut leaving one side longer then the other, then decorate. Fill with something small like a little treat or even jewelry! Slide the smaller side over the top, and there you have it. A custom bagelope!

Nothing says you care like a handmade bag filled with goodies.

If you have any questions on how something was made, or what products you'd need to make any of these projects, email me or post a comment. As I continue to craft this holiday season I will post more. Keep coming back for more ideas!

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