Friday, March 18, 2016

My take on Embossing Folders

I had a great time with everyone tonight!

Mark your calendars for April 29th for our next craft night.  We will be learning how to make simple pop up cards.  More info to come on that.

Here is a recap of the techniques we talked about.  

Straight up use the embossing folders how they are intended to be used by simply putting your paper between the folders and cranking it through your machine of choice (I use a Cuttle Bug).

Use your inks after you have embossed to bring out the pattern

This is a fun one.  Apply ink to your embossing folder and then run your paper through.  This leaves the ink INSIDE the grooves.  Make sure to clean it off with your spritz and scrubber!

After you emboss, grab your sanding kit and use the fine side of the block to sand the raised part.  Close to My Heart paper has a white core so let your white show through!

You can find all CTMH embossing folder designs HERE

A few more tips I don't have pictures of:

When using a line embossing folder you can emboss one way then take out and emboss the other making a crossed pattern.  You get two imprints for the price of one!

Close to My Heart embossing folders have a slit in the top so you can pull the paper through embossing longer pieces.  Perfect for scrapbookers!

When you emboss make sure to flip over the cardstock to check out the other side, you may like that look better.  You can get a different look by which side you choose to use.  

Add more excitement to your projects by embossing a design to your plain cardstock pieces.  Leave it as is for a subtle look or add ink or sand.  Try it!  You'll love it! 

Thanks for coming and I can't wait until next month!

You can purchase all items shown on my website

Happy Embossing Everyone!

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