Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Seasonal Expressions Idea Book Facebook Reveal Party - Day 3 - Accents

Today on my facebook page I am giving away a package of sequins.  The winner gets to choose from Oeanside or Coral  package.  Go HERE to join the group.

We are talking about all the new accents today!  Love Love Love them!  A must have to your crafting supply.  Adding just a few bumps up your project from great to fantastic!

Extra Thick Thistle Twine Item #Z3040

Carnival Washi Tape Item #Z3067

Oceanside Sequins Item #Z3041

Brave Enamel Shapes Item #Z3073

Bubbly Enamel Shapes Item #Z3074

Coral Reef Sequins Item #Z3042

Extra Thick Glacier Twine Item#Z3039

Boadwalk Washi Tape Item #Z3066

Very cute canvas using Oceanside Sequins and some simple Cricut cuts

Spice up your tag with Brave Enamel Shapes, Oceanside Sequins, and Glacier Twine

Dress up your flowers using Bubbly Enamel Shapes and Sequins

Simple card using Brave Enamel Shapes

Add a bow with some Glacier Twine and a few Oceanside Sequins

Twine Tip:  Add a knot then fluff the ends to add more dimension

More twine and sequins

Can't go wrong adding a few sequins to any card

More uses for sequins

More fluffed twine

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