Saturday, November 22, 2014

Artfully Sent- Cricut Cartridge Class

Thank you to all who came to my Artfully sent class on Friday.  We had a great time and I hope you had fun learning about the new cartridge.  This is an overview of the class for those that were not able to attend.

I would like to start by saying I LOVE this cartridge.  This is by far my favorite of the 4 cartridges CTMH offers.  I sat down to create a few samples for my class and I couldn't stop!  I'm warning you now, this cartridge is a tad addicting.

The Artfully Sent cartridge can make up to 400 different cards!  The cartridge bundle comes with 3 D-sized stamp sets.  One sentiment set, a frame set, and an alphabet set that matches the font on the cartridge.  You will also get a 24 pack of white cardstock (and you'll need it!)  All for only $99!

Each Key Makes Eight Cards:
1 Pop-up 
1 Scene
2 Sentiment
1 Sleeve
1 Sleeve Companion Card
2 Pocket Cards (Picture My Life)
A Font and envelopes with liners

I took one key and made everything I could.  I chose the Christmas themed button.  It is page 46 in the Artfully Sent cutting guide book.


The pop up cards might seem a little scary, but they aren't too bad I promise!  They are super fun and surprising easy!
 • Fold entire card in half
• Push one tab forward then fold card and crease well
• Push next tab forward then fold card and crease well
• Continue until all tabs are pushed out and folded

The card front is from a different button, but I thought it went well with the nativity scene.

There are a couple different scene styles.  This one I believe is what they call a swing card.  I cut the card base and then using the shift key cut the coordinating piece that fit onto the base.  I added a little shimmer trim for the star and B&T on the front.


The sentiment key has fun and simple cards.  The sentiment is cut into the base so all you need to do is add a contrasting color of cardstock to make it pop.  You will have a great card in a matter of minutes!  I cut this card out of Glacier (my new favorite blue).  Sponged the image to get it to pop and added white cardstock behind it.  I also added a little bit of shimmer trim to the side.

These two cards were made from the shift function of the sentiment key.  The top one I messed up and had my real dial size button selected.  I thought it was an odd size, but I went with it adding layers.  Then a few days later I figured out my mistake and cut it correctly to get the bottom card.  Even faster and easier adding white cardstock behind the cut out pieces and glitter paper behind the star.


Sleeve cards are intended to create a card that fits a photo.  They can be sized down to 3 1/2 inches to fit gift cards.  One side is a decorative front and has a solid back and tabs to glue it together.  I added the white piece on top from a different key for my pull out.

This card is made from the shift function of the Sleeve card.  This card is an overlay card and is sized at 5x7.  I have always stuck to the standard size card, but I'm loving the larger size.  I used the sentiment stamp set and the frame stamp set that come with the cartridge.  The paper in the background is from our Yuletide paper packet.


These are cut at 4x6 & 4x3 making them perfect to go along with our Picture My Live product line.  For these two cards I simply added contrasting colors behind the cut out piece. I added some layers and attached it to a standard size card base.  Shimmer trim and sequins are always a must!

This key also has an envelope and a liner that I didn't take a picture of, but turned out so fun.

I was asked where I got my color inspiration for these cards.  I took our Snow Haven paper packet and Yuletide paper packet and laid them out on my work space.  Using the cardstock that is included with the kits I cut the cards, and then accented with the B&T papers.  I used shimmer trim and glitter paper on a lot of these, because what are the holidays with out glitter?

I was having so much fun, I didn't stop with with this button and will share more creations soon!

To order your very own Artfully Sent Cricut Cartridge Bundle go HERE.   It is truly the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a crafty loved one!  The gift that keeps on giving!

Thank you to my friend Diana Veenendaal for her helpful tips on this cartridge!

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