Sunday, January 23, 2011

Princess Party Idea

The prep work for this party took a little bit, but it was worth the results! I ordered a cake from Walmart. They have mini cakes with different princesses. My little princess chose Belle. I also talked the bakery person into selling me the cupcake ring toppers. I got 12 for $1! I made cupcakes from a mix and got the frosting from a local grocery store that sells it by the pound. I put a candle in all of them so each child could blow out their own candle. The kids loved it!
While we waited for everyone to arrive I had coloring books ready that I had created. The girls had princesses and the boys had more prince pages. I printed the pages from this website and then stapled them together with a piece of cardstock for the cover page and added a label with each kids name on it.

Pin the princess/prince on the castle. I printed a castle from that same website and the little princesses too. Our guests were all pretty young, so we didn't blindfold them, just had them cover their eyes. The kids had fun with it and we were able to get them to do a few rounds.

We did a scavenger hunt to find a treasure. The treasure was a box of dress ups I found at the dollar store, tiaras/crowns to decorate, shields for the boys, wands and princess skirts for the girls. I didn't get a good picture of their outfits!

We pulled out balloons we had previously blown up and turned on some music for the kids to go crazy and dance.
Instead of goodies bags we let the kids take their coloring book and dress ups home.
This party was pretty inexpensive and we had a lot of fun!

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