Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Shower Fun

My cute friend down the street is having a baby boy later this month. Another cute neighbor one street over hosted a shower for her yesterday. I love baby shopping so when I saw this cute elephant outfit I had to get it. I then remembered the cute elephant stamp in the set Life's A Jungle I have and made a tag to kinda match. I've had to wait until after the shower to post it to not ruin the surprise of the gift.

The host asked me to do a game for the shower. I decided to do the tried and true Candy Bar Game. It is one of my favorites. My sister introduced it to me years ago and I've been doing it at every shower since. Each candy bar represents something about pregnancy or baby. You lay all the candy bars out on a tray for everyone to see for about a minute for them to study. Then you cover them up. You say the word or phrase and see who can match up the candy bar first. That person gets the candy bar.

Twins- Twix
Dr. Bill- 100 Grand
Epidural- Lifesavers
Baby Girl- Baby Ruth
Premie - Runts
Conception - Skor
Hospital Address - 5th Ave
Baby Boy- Oh Henry
Twin Boys- Mike & Ike
Nursing/Bottle- Milky Way
Contractions - Whoppers
Labor (or pregnancy) - Rocky Road
Empilical Cord - Twizzlers
Anethesiologist - Mr. Goodbar
You hope your Dr. doesn't have - Butterfinger
Baby without a name - Whatchaymacallit
A healthy baby has - Rolos
Triplets - 3 Musketers
Baby Daddy - Big Hunk

There are more you can find if you google baby shower candy bar game. These are just the ones I did at the shower this time.

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