Saturday, July 9, 2011

Disneyland Survival Kit

I'll be leaving for convention soon, but I wanted to share with you my roomie gift. It's tradition to make your roomies a little something. Like most things I stewed over what to do for a long time. After experiencing Disneyland in April I thought of the perfect thing! A Disneyland Survival Kit! I got the containers from my friend. Since we don't have Disney paper I used Tulip, White, Black and Buttercup Cardstock. I stamped stars using different stamp sets and Honey Ink. I punched the black polka dot paper from the Sweet Hearts paper packet. To personalize for each person I used the letters the Color Ready Alphabet sets and of course a little bling with sparkles. I included a little note with the following:


Chapstick: You'll need to hydrate your lips from all the screaming you'll do on the rides or from new products.

Hand Sanitizer: No one wants to be sick on vacation!

Card Holder: You will get a card for everything! Disney Pass, Fast Pass, Room Key, etc. You may want to slip in a business card or two, you never know who'll meet or in case you forget who you are!

Sunscreen: You are in sunny California! An important element that seems to get forgotten.

Snack: Who has time to eat? There's too much to do and see!

I hope my roomies like them!

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