Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tu Tu

Yesterday I ventured into the fabric store and bought some tulle to make a tutu for my daughters Halloween costume. There wasn't much to choose from. I guess it's a poplur thing to make this time of year. It was very easy and took maybe an hour to do. I found instructions on youtube here.

You'll need:
4 yard of tulle (or more depending on how big the person you're making it for is)
3 yard ribbon (they suggest satin, I used grograin because that's what I had)

Here is the finished product. My daugther refuses to put it on, so no model for the picture, hopefully by Halloween she'll change her mind.
Note: I used the sparkley tulle. It leaves glitter everywhere! Although it looks so cute, be aware you'll shine for awhile along with your kids and husband.

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